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Bighearted Volunteers Urgently Needed

We need HELP please

Desperately Seeking Volunteers to assist caring, cleaning, walking, training, grooming, socializing, maintenance, cat furniture building, marketing, sponsorships and fund raising for Cats and Dogs in care at HappyPaws Haven

Are you are loving, caring and responsible and love cats and dogs? Then we need you to open your heart and come help look after the cats or dogs at our local shelter.

Responsibilities of a volunteer

  • To give unconditional love
  • To feed, clean, and/or exercise
  • To try to teach the dogs good from bad behavior
  • To bath and brush when necessary
  • To look after and maintain the property and grounds
  • To raise money to continue this good work caring for abandoned cats and dogs
  • To raise awareness of what we do

Urgent - cleaners and feeders

  • Morning for 4-5 hours, any time after 8.30am, 7 days a week
  • Very hands on
  • Every day of the week is available, but urgent need for Tuesday Thursday and Friday and Saturday
  • Think about it first, it's a hard manual job but if you love animals as much as we do, then it is a lot of fun too!
  • Reliable people needed

Every morning we clean the central cat housing facility. We need reliable rostered people who can learn about the process we go through and then clean and feed the animals. During that time they also get to have a good look at the cats and make sure they are OK.

Urgent - Dog Walkers and Trainers

  • Pop in to the Shelter from 8.30am - 5pm 7 days a week to help us walk our dogs and groom our cats

  • On Sunday afternoon from 3pm - 6pm come to help us train our dogs

  • First timers should bring photo ID to register as a volunteer. If you are under 18 years old please bring your parent or guardian.

Urgent - Handy People Needed

Shelter maintenance opportunities for handy people are in abundance. We always need odd jobs done. If you are a tradesman or handy with odd jobs eg. Gardening, mowing, fixing things, putting up shelves, making scatching posts, building our sick bay, outside cat enclosures, maintaining our fences, cleaning gutters, many many other activities to assist in maintaining the environment in which these beautiful animals live. If you are willing to donate some time please contact Sally on 66449936 or via email at sally@happypawshaven.com.au

The HappyPaws Haven Urgently Needs Volunteers on site to:

  • Share the wonderful experience in helping the animals re-establishing their confidence and trust in being around people and other animals. We need volunteers to handle, cuddle, groom, wash and pet our animals which greatly improves their opportunity for re-homing.

  • Dogs at the shelter need daily exercise so that they remain active and healthy. HappyPaws Haven needs volunteers to be a part of the roster to walk to dogs.

  • Rehabilitation training for dogs. All the shelter dogs need to attend the Grafton Dog Obedience Club on Sunday afternoon between 3.00pm and 5.15pm during winter and 4.00pm to 6.15pm during summer so that they can attend and pass their basic manners, obedience and agility certificates as a minimum. This greatly improves their opportunity for re-homing. We usually take between 4-6 dogs if we have the handlers to do so.Volunteers are needed to assist to train the shelter dogs.

  • Volunteers are needed to groom the animals so that they look and feel beautiful.

  • The cleaning of environment in which the animals live is critical to their health and happiness. Volunteers are needed on a rostered basis to assist in the cleaning of the animal facilities on a daily basis.

  • Shelter maintenance opportunities for handy people are in abundance

  • Administration opportunities are also available to help with mail drops, folding brochures, making posters, putting up posters in shops and community notice boards regularly, putting animals up on the internet site, making collection tins, distributing and collecting the tins, and many other similar tasks

  • Promotional Team opportunities to assist the coordination of a number of promotional, educational and fundraising events need the support of volunteers. We are looking for people to help raise the profile of the HappyPaws Haven. We need volunteers who are available to help during the working week or on weekends to assist in these activities.

  • Community Awareness Programs need volunteers to contact members of and business in the local community to participate in a community education program and to distribute information to create awareness of the shelter and increase the community's understanding of animal welfare issues.

  • Foster Parent Program is a program where volunteers care for young abandoned kittens or puppies in their home.

What we do

HappyPaws Haven is a non-profit organization that helps to feed, house, provide medical attention and care for animals that have been rescued. If need be, the animals are placed in foster homes until permanent homes can be found. Homes for dogs and cats are found by way of our website, media, referrals and networking. Injured animals are treated by the Riverbank Animal Hospital veterinarians and nursed back to health before being adopted.

Since we are making decisions that affect the animals life we carefully screen the potential homes thru our questionnaire, along with vet checks and site visits.

Volunteering and Donations

HappyPaws Haven is a non-profit organization. Our volunteers are people just like you - who have a love for animals, and would like to donate their time or services to help the helpless.

We are also always in need of financial help, since most of our money comes from our adoptions and donations. We always seem short on funds, so if you can see it in our heart to send us some money, please remember every dollar helps.

Just give us a call at 0419 404 766 or email.

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HappyPaws is an incorporated and endorsed animal welfare charity. HappyPaws Haven is managed by Sally Rogers with the assistance of a committee of local like minded people and volunteers. A representative of South Grafton Veterinary Clinic is a member of the association, acts as a consultant to the committee and attends all meetings.

Happy Paws Haven is a shelter for abandoned and homeless cats and kittens operating in the Clarence Valley. Happy Paws Haven also takes in a limited number of dogs, which not only housed in Grafton, but also in volunteer carer's homes.

Happy Paws Haven's mission is to re-home healthy unwanted or abandoned cats and dogs using the HappyPaws website and through the local media, veterinary clinics and "word of mouth".

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