Dog Profile: Paddy

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Photo of Paddy.

Paddy's Details.

  • HappyPaws Haven
  • Sally
  • Grafton
  • NSW
  • 0419 404 766
  • Name
  • Paddy
  • Type
  • Dog
  • Donation
  • Donation on Application
  • Age
  • 2 Months old
  • Sex
  • Male
  • Breed
  • border collie blue heeler cross
  • Coat
  • Short Hair Coat
  • Colour
  • white black and blue

Paddy's Description.

border collie blue heeler cross puppies

There is a liitle boy, the last of the litter, who is black,white and blue. His mum is a border collie blue heeler who received visitors one night while away being trained for cattle work. She had been tied up but it didn’t stop the boys having a good time. The pups were going to be knocked on the head at birth but their owners wife pleaded for their lives promising to have them all re-homed before they were 8 weeks old and their is just one left. The pet shops would not have them and they did not want to be shot! They are lovely friendly dogs and are good with kids. It is hard to take a photo of them as they are always on the move, typical of naughty mischievous puppies!!

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