Cat Profile: Mikey - a special boy

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Mikey - a special boy's Details.

  • HappyPaws Haven Grafton
  • Sally
  • Grafton
  • NSW
  • 0419 404 766
  • Name
  • Mikey - a special boy
  • Type
  • Cat
  • Donation
  • Donation on Application
  • Age
  • 8 Months old
  • Sex
  • Male
  • Breed
  • Domestic
  • Coat
  • Semi-Long Hair Coat
  • Colour
  • Black and White

Mikey - a special boy's Description.

My mum was pregnant and her owner was going away at Christmas time. They were going to leave mum shut in the house with biscuits and water until they returned. If that had happened we all would have been dead. HappyPaws Haven heard about it and rescued mum and thank heavens they did. Mum had trouble giving birth to us an on our carers birthday at 10pm she was assisting the vet and his wife to bring us safely into the world via a caesarean section. All 5 of us made it and have grown up to beautiful young juvenile cats. Mum has gone back to her home and 3 of us have gone leaving my brother and myself left to fine a home of our own.

Special needs cat with slight conjestive heart problems. Indoors only. Periodic antibiotics. Suseptable to infections other wise leads a normal life.
He comes micr-chipped, immunised and de-sexed. He has been regularly wormed and de-flead.

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