Dog Profile: Josie

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Photo of Josie.

Josie's Details.

  • HappyPaws Haven
  • Sally
  • Grafton
  • NSW
  • 0419 404 766
  • Name
  • Josie
  • Type
  • Dog
  • Donation
  • Donation on Application
  • Age
  • 4 Years old
  • Sex
  • Female
  • Breed
  • Wolfhound X
  • Coat
  • Short Hair Coat
  • Colour
  • fawn

Josie's Description.

Josie is an affectionate, exuberant four-year-old female Wolfhound cross who was rescued after being abandoned. She is curious and takes an active interest in all that happens around her. She loves going for drives in the car, however, getting her out of the driver's seat can be tough - she's a gal who likes to take charge! She has been de-sexed, vaccinated and microchipped.


Josie is looking for a new home as she is currently living with another dog who cannot accept Josie's need to be the dominant dog. Her ideal owner would be a calm, confident older person who is experienced handling large dogs and who wants a companion to take with him/her everywhere and does not have any other dogs. Having some hunting dog in her, she tends to chase wildlife, so would do better in town with an owner who liked to take her for walks every day. She loves to exercise by chasing anything at that you throw for her. She needs a lot of companionship and is used to being indoors at night (so she can watch TV!) She loves cuddles and socialising - a real party animal!

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