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Buddy's Details.

  • HappyPaws Haven
  • Sally
  • Grafton
  • NSW
  • 0419 404 766
  • Name
  • Buddy
  • Type
  • Dog
  • Donation
  • Donation on Application
  • Age
  • 3 Months old
  • Sex
  • Male
  • Breed
  • Belgian Shepherd Malinois
  • Coat
  • Short Hair Coat
  • Colour
  • Tan with black tips

Buddy's Description.

I was rescued with my mother from the pound at 7 weeks old, we had been surrendered as mum had been subjected to a back yard breeder/puppy mill who had not treated her well and allowed her to have litter after litter. Mum tried to care for us as best as she could but when we were found she was dreadfully skinny and had very little hair on her back due to a servere flea infestation. I don't know what happened to my brothers and sisters as they were sold before they got to the pound or were re-homed from the pound.

When we were rescued we stayed at the home of a lovely family until we could be transfered to HappyPaws Haven in Grafton. We are much happier here, mum plays with me and my friends all the time, it seems as if she is a puppy just like me. We are de-sexed, micro-chipped and immunised now. I have nearly finished puppy pre-school and have started basic obedience and basic manners at Grafton Dog Obedience Club. It is great fun and Mum is doing it with me too! We go for walks each day and have a lovely yard to play in with all the other puppies at HappyPaws haven and we are having a lot of fun. We are now ready to go to a home of our own.

As you probably know Belgians are possessive dogs and can be demanding, Buddy is no different. They have a sensitive nature and need to be regularly exercised. They generally love agility although I have had a couple who did not like the tunnel. I eventually convinced Ash that it was ok but Terra really preferred obedience. This breed is very special and does not suit everyone, it is a breed I specialize in and assist the Belgian Shepherd Club in their rescue.

The Belgian Shepherd Dog forms strong bonds with its owner and so is more sensitive to its owner’s needs. Therefore a Belgian needs to "live with" its family rather than in isolation somewhere in the grounds or left in the house alone for many hours a day. If the dog has to spend a lot of time on its own it would benefit from a companion, preferably another Belgian Shepherd of the opposite sex.

A highly trainable dog, the Belgian Shepherd excels at obedience, agility, tracking and herding work and makes a loyal family companion. Socialisation must begin at an early age and his protective instincts make it necessary to supervise him with visitors or visiting children.

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