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A list of organisations and sites that we feel are incredibly important to anyone interested in adopting an animal.

Greyhound Rescue

  • Greyhound Rescue is a small, non profit, Australian organisation run by Janet and Peter and works under the umbrella of the charity DABS, one of the longest running small animal rescues in Sydney. At the time of writing we have fifteen greyhounds looking for homes, some with foster carers but also some in paid kennels, costing $100 per dog per week, so we urgently need help to pay for these kennels....
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NSW Pounds

  • Impounded Animals In NSW, all microchipped pets have 14 days to be claimed Non-chipped animals have 7 days Most face euthanasia at the end of this time. Please visit Rescue Rex...
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  • Dogmovers, The Pet Transport People Professional and caring transport by road for all pets and small domestic animals. Phone: 07 5530 2710 email: ...
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Purina Pet Foods

  • At PURINA, it's no secret that pets are our passion. It drives everything we do. In fact, our commitment to dogs, cats and their owners has made us a world leader in pet care and we're pretty proud of that....
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Harry Reimers One Stop Auto

Bayer Animal Care

  • Major Sponsor providing flea and worming solutions to HappyPaws Haven, HappyPaws Haven recommends Advocate, Advantage , Drontal and Profender for all cats and dogs...
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Cat Protection Society of NSW

  • posted by Sally on Saturday 05 May 2007.
  • The Cat Protection Society of NSW was founded in 1958 by a group of cat lovers concerned with the plight of homeless street cats. The Society began a program of low cost desexing to reduce the number of kittens and therefore, the number of cats and kittens abandoned. ...
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Animal Welfare League NSW

Animal Welfare League South Australia

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue

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