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Animal Welfare League NSW is the second largest animal welfare organisation state-wide and nationally comprising of two animal centres and fourteen volunteer operated branches. The League is also a law enforcement agency under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act, and employees an Inspectorate to prosecute acts of cruelty.

Since the foundations of Animal Welfare League NSW were laid in 1958, the League has made significant contributions to heightening the level of animal welfare provisions from companion animals to laboratory animals. The League has also established operating procedures in animal care that form the basis of new legislative conditions.

The network of fourteen volunteer operated branches, which span across the state of New South Wales from the far north coast of Ocean Shores, west to Moree and as far south as the Victorian border, have developed into small business enterprise.

The leader in current thought and practice on animal welfare issues, Animal Welfare League NSW is a cost effective and a pro-active organisation which has significantly contributed to the instigation of political and environmental opinion through representation on a number of government and industry boards and committees.

The League is registered under the NSW Charitable Fundraising Act No. CFN 10416. It is entirely dependent on donations, legacies, bequests. Our priority is the well being and contentment of animals surrendered to our care, testimony to the generosity of others who value our work and provide this to continue in years to come.

Animal Welfare League NSW can take pleasure in contributing not only to the development of the League as a forceful and balanced enterprise for the welfare of animals, but in addition has been a major contributor to the legislative changes that have taken place that are designed to protect them.

From having reached that milestone it is at the same time at the crossroads where signs are already indicating issues far greater than the past will call for new management models to safeguard our rightful position into the future.

One of the greatest assets of the League is the capacity to recruit and retain a very large number of volunteers who form the backbone of our League's representation.

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