Animal Liberation

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Animal Liberation has branches in all states of Australia and many thousands of supporters.


  • To change the laws concerning animals
  • To outlaw factory farming
  • To ban circuses with animals and to ban rodeos
  • To stop the fur trade
  • To ban the duck shoot
  • To end animal experimentation
  • To stop the testing of drugs and products on animals
  • To foster the rights of animals
  • To encourage vegetarianism and change the indifference that many people feel towards animals

Feel free to make your way around our Web Site, there is plenty to read and look at. You can see a subject list of some of our areas of involvement, some short movies, plus much much more.

If you wish to become a member of Animal Liberation please contact the office nearest to you for details. Who are our members? Our members cover all areas of society: doctors, lawyers, MPs, librarians, shopkeepers, students - all walks of life.

If you would like to make a donation, go to our donations page. As we receive no external funding, all donations and bequests are greatly appreciated.

We hope you will learn something from your visit to this site, and encourage you to come back on a regular basis as it will be constantly updated with new information and new successes.

Best wishes, The Directors of Animal Liberation NSW.

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