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A list of organisations and sites that we feel are incredibly important to anyone interested in adopting an animal.

The Definitive Dental Health Guide for Pets

  • Have you ever tried to open your dog or cat's mouth? Maybe it was to insert a medication or to grab something out of its mouth, like a clump of hair or piece of carpet fiber. How well did that go? The thought of brushing our pet's teeth doesn't give us any warm and fuzzy feelings. And most pets are not thrilled to have someone's fingers invading their mouths. It can be a traumatic experience for the both of us. But our pets still need good dental health, whether they like it or not....
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Should you get a pet or not?

  • Petsecure is working with veterinarians and animal shelters across Australia to promote responsible pet ownership. One of the really fun projects we've been working on recently is a resource to help people decide whether to get a pet: This resource includes in depth: 1. Benefits of pet ownership 2. Common questions about pet ownership 3. A big section on Are You Prepared to Own a Pet? 4. How to Prepare to Bring a Pet Home 5. Some inspiring pet stories. ...
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The World League for Protection of Animals 'Remember animals... they feel hunger, thirst, heat, cold, pain, fear and loneliness...'

Barnetts Creations - Dog Jumpers, T-shirts and PJs

  • Beautifully made dog PJs, Jackets, Jumpers and T-shirts can be purchased at BarnettsCreations EBay Store. The clothes for dogs are warm polar fleece jackets and pajamas for your dog xsall to xlarge or made to order. There are lots of different cute t-shirts with screen printing on them, black with security is always popular especially for little dogs. Very pretty jackets with fur trim collars , Halloween costumes and Santa Suits are also available. ...
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Where do puppies come from?

The Pet directory

  • The Pet Directory is known as the "Who's Who" of the Pet Industry. The Pet Directory is a print and web publication. We provide a directory of pet related products and services for the pet industry and the pet owning public. The Pet Directory lists breeders, dog and cat boarding, dog walking and pet minding, veterinarians, animal rescue and welfare organisations, dog, cat, bird and horse trainers, dog walkers, pet friendly accommodation, dog off leash areas, pet shops and aquarium shops, dog groomers, dog grooming equipment, dog grooming courses and other pet related courses....
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dogs Across Australia

  • Dogs Across Australia was established in 2006. We link to and promote some 40 citizen-initiated 'No Kill' Rescue Shelters. These shelters are springing up around the country in response to local/state government's apparent inability to facilitate programs that would prevent the current ‘kill system’. Continuing community involvement is crucial if this archaic system is ever to be replaced with one that respects dogs as sentient creatures and not marketable commodities. ...
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Greyhound Polo Neck Coats

  • Beautifully made Greyhound Polo Neck Coats One size fits all. All coats made with pure wool blanket inserts Coats have material ties (no velcro). Coats cost the low, low price of $30 plus postage ( if applicable ). To place your order for these wonderful coats call the phone number below or email to the address below. Contact : Lynn Phone : (03) 5996 7845 Email : ...
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Riverbank Veterinary Hospital

  • At Riverbank Veterinary Clinic our animal companions are an integral part of our families and our work. We do everything possible to assure the best opportunity for our patient’s health and a long life. Based in The Clarence Valley, Northern New South Wales, we aim to provide for all of your pet care needs. We are the only veterinary practice in the Grafton area that deals exclusively with dogs, cats and other small pets. ...
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Belgian Shepherd Club of NSW

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