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We need your support

Every donation, no matter how small or large, will help to save the life of a neglected, abused or abandoned companion animal. Please donate generously. From intake to placement our average cost for each dog or cat for a 90 day period is $600, which may include veterinarian care, shots, worming, shelter and food. This does not include the spaying/neutering cost as this is very dependent on size, sex, dew claws, teeth clean etc. Volunteers are welcomed and needed. Please refer to our wish list below for much needed supplies and services.

The Happy Paws Haven Bank details are:

BSB: 633000

The Account Name is: Happy Paws Haven Inc

The Account Number: 130786031

We bank with the Bendigo Bank at South Grafton

Our WISH List

As a non-profit facility, we rely heavily on donations, grants, bequests, membership dues, gifts-in-kind and fundraising events. Like every non-profit, we always have a "wish list" and welcome any and all gifts.

We need:

  • Finish the outside cat enclosure
  • Modifiy our cat facilities
  • News Papers
  • Build dog enrichment yards
  • Dog and cat collars
  • Cat and dog toys
  • Cleaning materials and supplies
  • Scratching posts
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • A good used diesel 4 wheel drive wagon
  • Manpower to help around the haven, to promote our animals for re-homing and assist with fundraising

Other Larger Wish List Items Need

  • Finish our outside cat enclosure

    Our HappyPaws Haven cat shelter does not yet have an outside area for the cats to play. We started the construction and then ran out of money so have not yet been able to finish it

  • Our managers house has become a storage area for towels, blankets, dog beds, raffle items etc etc. We need an insulated large storage shed or a large insulated sea container to store these items.

  • Cat Facility needs modifications

    Maintenance to our cat enclosure for the comfort of our cats, we need to modify the enclosure to provide improved facilities for the wellbeing of our cats. We will need some one who is a handyman and or builder to assist us.

  • Dogs need an enrichment yard

    Now we have some land, we need to build some dog enrichment yards where dogs can play, have new experiences and learn new things in preparation for their new homes. Examples are tunnels and mounds, wobble boards, ramps, paths, tires, planks, a maze with various sensory things and smells along the way, Water feature and a dam for swimming

  • Scratchy Posts and Cat Furniture

    Happy Paws Haven cats and kittens need new cat posts, cat trees, cat shelves, cat gyms etc for the cat enclosures. We have 3 areas: Kittens to 12mths, Juveniles 12-48 months and cats 48 months plus. Preferably made from wood as the cardboard posts do not last long. Can be sealed, painted, carpeted, lino, sisal rope what ever takes your fancy but must be robust as we have approximately 50 in each enclosure with a lot less in the kitten room.

  • Smaller items in need

    As a non-profit facility, we rely heavily on donations, grants, bequests, membership dues, gifts-in-kind and fundraising events. Like every non-profit, we always have a "wish list" and welcome any and all gifts. We need: Laundry detergent for front loader to keep the blankets smelling clean and fresh, News Papers, Dog and cat collars, Dog leashes, Cat and dog toys, Cleaning materials and supplies, Scratching posts, Office equipment, A good used diesel 4 wheel drive wagon, Manpower to help around the haven, to promote our animals for re-homing and assist with fundraising

Making a bequest

If you would like to help support the work of HappyPaws Haven then please consider making a Bequest to Care for the Homeless Animals.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, the HappyPaws Haven relies upon community support for its continued existence.

Without bequests in the past, HappyPaws Haven would be unable to provide the current level of facilities and services which benefit the hundreds of animals assisted annually.

HappyPaws Haven is committed to achieving its Charter, which is ‘to work for the aid, assistance, protection and welfare of all animals’. It believes that every animal deserves a ‘fair go’, including the opportunity of being adopted into a caring home.

A gift in your Will to HappyPaws Haven will continue your support of animals, and will help HappyPaws Haven to maintain its high standards of animal care and welfare.

To make a bequest, what do I do?

HappyPaws Haven strongly suggests that you consult a solicitor to ensure that your intentions are clear. It is important that the correct wording is used, and that the correct title of ‘HappyPaws Haven Inc’ is stated.

Obviously, the choice is yours, but your bequest could include a specific sum of money, property, shares or possessions. As a bequest, many people choose ‘the proportion of residue’ option. This enables you to give your family, friends and charity the proportion or percentage of your estate that you decide.

Subject to more detailed advice from a solicitor, HappyPaws Haven suggests inclusion of the following:

I BEQUEATH to HappyPaws Haven Inc of 140 Tindal Road, Eatonsville, for the general purpose of the Association (here, insert the sum of the bequest in writing and in numerals, or a statement defining the bequest) free of all duties and taxes payable at my death, AND I DECLARE that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the Association shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustee(s).’

Incorporate us in your Will

A bequest does not have to be only money .. but could be real estate .. jewelry .. art or securities.

Donations of Land/Real Estate

Donations of real estate could present certain advantages and tax savings .. for instance if you have owned a piece of real estate for many years .. it may have appreciated so much in value to the point that the capital gains taxes when sold will be high .. by donating your land to Happy Paws Haven you could avoid the capital gains tax problem .. yet realize a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the property.

Charitable Remained Trust

What about considering a Charitable Remainder Trust fund which has become a popular option for those wishing to put their appreciated assets to work for themselves and their loved ones and for animals. These Trusts are designed to provide an income in the form of annual payments to the beneficiaries for life of for a period of up to 20 years. It takes its name from the fact that a charity must be named as the eventual beneficiary of the trust’s assets once the trust terminates. This is a very effective and efficient way to maximize your gift to animals, as well as numerous other benefits.

Life Insurance

Would you consider a gift of Life Insurance that could also provide favourable tax benefits .. Happy Paws Haven could be named as the owner/beneficiary of a newly established life insurance or the beneficiary of an already fully paid life insurance.

If you would like further information about Happy Paws Haven Inc, or would like to discuss any proposed bequest, please telephone the Shelter and ask for a Sally Rogers to contact you on 0266449936.

Who will care for my pets when I die ?

If you choose to make a substantial bequest to Happy Paws Haven in your Will, and if you request it, Happy Paws Haven will accept full responsibility for your much loved pet(s).

Cats can become residents of the shelter whilst dogs will be placed in carefully selected and monitored foster homes. However, Happy Paws Haven will remain the official owner of the pet(s), and will be responsible for the on-going care of your pet(s) unless you request that they are found permanent forever homes.

Visitors to the Happy Paws Haven are very welcome. please ring the Shelter for an appointment if you wish to inspect its facilities and observe the lifestyle of its contented residents.

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