Dog Profile: Gindi

Gindi is currently awaiting approval from one of the Happy Paws moderators. Please note that if approved, Gindi will be visible on the site for a period of 30 days from the time Gindi has been approved. If you haven't had any luck with rehoming Gindi within that 30 days, please let us know and we can extend the expiration period by another 30 days. Good Luck!

Photo of Gindi.

Gindi's Details.

  • HappyPaws Haven
  • Sally
  • Grafton
  • NSW
  • 0419 404 766
  • Name
  • Gindi
  • Type
  • Dog
  • Donation
  • Donation on Application
  • Age
  • 7 Years 9 Months old
  • Sex
  • Female
  • Breed
  • SharPei cross
  • Coat
  • Short Hair Coat
  • Colour
  • Tan

Gindi's Description.

Gindi was surrendered to us a little while ago but had not been well socialised with other people so was very shy at first. Her real name was Gindra but we shortened it to Gindi as a number of our volunteers had a lot of trouble saying it. Gindi gets along with other dogs and loves human contact but is wary at the same time. She needs training as she does not always come when called instead thinks you are playing a game. If you try to force her she will just pigroot and dig in, she can be mischievous and loves to play ball. She has not yet got the message to bring it back all the way but will drop it hoping you might pick it up to throw or kick it somewhere. She is a Shar-pei cross with probably kelpie.

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