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Becoming a kitten carer

Would you love to care for kittens, or have a companion cat, but aren't sure you can commit for a lifetime? Then foster caring might just be the answer for you.

Foster carers take cats and kittens into their homes that may otherwise be killed in the shelter. Sometimes they care for special needs or recovering animals, sometimes its kittens that are too small and need a bit of extra care before they're weaned and desexed.

Obviously foster carers need to be animal lovers, but help and support will be provided by the rescue group. Many young people foster because they'd like to have a pet, but want to be free to travel in the future. Others are families who want to trial pet ownership to see if it works for their family.

With the cat season in full swing and shelters at capacity, foster carers are literally saving lives. Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience - to see the look of trust and growing confidence in cat  that has been rescued from death row, and then to watch it go to a person who will love and care for it.

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